Saver Subs

Saver Subs

The Top Drive Saver Subs serves as a sacrificial element between the drill string and Top Drive or Kelly, reducing any unwanted repair and maintenance costs, A saver sub is a short piece of connecting pipe with threads on both ends, which is part of a drill string.

A short length of drill collar that has male threads on one end and female on the other. It is screwed onto the bottom of the Kelly or top drive and onto the rest of the drill string. When the hole must be deepened, and pipe added to the drill string, the threads are unscrewed between the saver sub and the rest of the drill string, as opposed to between the Kelly or top drive and the saver sub. This means that the connection between the Kelly or top drive and the saver sub rarely is used, and suffers minimal wear and tear, whereas the lower connection is used in almost all cases and suffers the most wear and tear. The saver sub is expendable and does not represents a major investment. However, the Kelly or top drive component threads are spared by use of a saver sub, and those components represent a significant capital cost and considerable downtime when replaced.

BIC Industries Manufacture Saver Subs available on different connections (REG, IF, NC and FH) all sizes as per API Spec. 7-1 and as per Customer Requirements.

Size Range:

  • Regular Connections (Pin & Box) from 2-3/8" Reg to 8-5/8" Reg.
  • Internal Flash Connections (Pin & Box) from 2-3/8" IF to 6-5/8" IF.
  • Full Hole Connection (Pin & Box) from 3-1/2” FH to 6-5/8” FH.
  • NC Connections (Pin & Box) from NC-26 to NC-562-3/8” REG to 7-5/8” REG
  • OD: 2-7/8” to 11”
  • Standard and Customize Length