Side Entry Subs/Circulating Subs

Side Entry Subs/Circulating Subs

The circulating sub is one specialized tool for circulating drilling fluid when running in casing on the way or finishing running casing down hole. According to actual need, there are circulating sub with casing thread and circulating sub with union thread.

A side entry sub is disclosed having a stripping passage between the lower end of the sub and a recess in the sub body. A stripping element is disposed in the stripping passage to sealing strip a logging cable as it moves into or out of the pipe string attached to the sub. A cable slot is provided in the outer part of the body and extends from a side opening to an opening in the recess. Upper and lower sheave wheels are rotatably mounted near the side opening and the recess opening operably providing a rotatable change of direction of a logging cable from outside the sub to the interior of an attached pipe string. The rotatable change of direction by rotation of the logging cable via the sheave wheels minimizes frictional resistance when it is running into or out of the pipe string

BIC Industries Manufacture Side Entry Subs available on different connections (REG, IF, NC and FH) all sizes as per API Spec. 7-1 and as per Customer Requirements.

Size Range:

  • Regular Connections (Pin & Box) from 2-3/8" Reg to 8-5/8" Reg.
  • Internal Flash Connections (Pin & Box) from 2-3/8" IF to 6-5/8" IF.
  • Full Hole Connection (Pin & Box) from 3-1/2” FH to 6-5/8” FH.
  • NC Connections (Pin & Box) from NC-26 to NC-562-3/8” REG to 7-5/8” REG
  • WECO Connections
  • OD: 2-7/8” to 11”
  • Standard and Customize Length